Spit It Out


I think this is the first video of Slipknot I still remember when I saw the first slipknot show is by this video when I was in elementary school I see it in 1998 if I not forget. This video is very simple just like wait and bleed but this video have a story have a lot of scene.

The Idea And The Scene


Scene 1

The first scene was taken in a house with the sad lullaby pianos but suddenly it become a metal music, in the first scene there was two cute little girls and they are changed into a clown

Scene 2

This is the stage scene just a lot of footage of Slipknot while they during the show, as usually their show was full of madness and angry people. With few cameras maybe 3 till 5 camera to take every motion while they are during the show

Scene 3

It was taken in the garage but it is very fast scene

Actually there is a lot of scene in this video but It takes no longer time only a few second so if I divided it into all scene it takes a lot of times and you can’t get the meaning either.

I have the article about how to make a shoot I think this is useful


Camera Use

A camera – whether it is video or still, digital or film, attached to a computer or a phone – is basically a box designed for trapping light. It can be as simple as a cardboard box with a pinhole punched in it or as elaborate as those on a space telescope. Whatever the design, its purpose is to record patterns of light and shadow and color, for future reference.

When you use a camera you are trapping images. There are many similarities between the language used for hunting and the language of photography – shoot, stalk, line-of-sight, capture, pin etc etc. A camera can be a very powerful weapon – especially in war time. Is it a coincidence that Princess Diana (named after the goddess of hunting) was chased to her death by paparazzi?

Selecting Your Shot


Always consider the purpose of a shot before you start to set it up. Fair enough, you’ve found your subject, but what do you want to show about it/them? If your subject is human – are they wearing the right clothes? Are they in the right mood? Are they doing the right thing in the right place? if your subject is inanimate, think about what it represents, and whether you best communicate that by showing part of it or all of it.


Unless you are using a close up (or plan to crop your photograph very tightly) you need to consider the background of your photograph. Does it match your subject – think colors and textures? Does your subject show up against the background? If there is a mismatch between the two is this for a very specific reason? Does the background give additional information about the subject? What mise-en-scène will be included in your image?

By carefully considering the relationship between background and subject you can make your images much more powerful.


Light creates your image – use it wisely. As a general rule, the light should be behind you NOT behind your subject i.e. never stand your subject in front of a window. Remember that light has two purposes – to reveal and to create shadows, which hide. Make sure that whatever you want to show is bathed in plenty of bright light.

The time of day and the weather conditions when you are filming/photographing will have an effect on your images. Whilst most digital cameras (video and still) cope reasonably well in low lighting conditions your images will still turn out rather dull. The most interesting times of day to capture an image are early morning and late afternoon – the angle of sunlight creates some very interesting shadows and the light (if it is not too polluted) has a soft quality. If you have a choice, always try to photograph an outdoor subject at these times.

Also remember that artificial (i.e. indoor) light will give your pictures an orange cast unless you take steps to correct it. Your camera may have an indoor or incandescent bulb setting that will do this for you.

the lyrics

Spit it out lyrics

“Since you never gave a damn in the first place,
Maybe it’s time you had the tables turned
‘Cause in the interest of all involved I got the problem solved
And the verdict is guilty…

Steppin’ where you fear to tread
Stop, drop and roll
You were dead from the git-go!
Big mouthfucker, stupid cocksucker
And if you’re scared of me now, then you’re dumber than I thought
Always is, and never was
Foundation made of piss and vinegar
Step to me, I’ll smear ya
Think I fear ya? Bullshit!
Just another dumb punk chompin’ at this tit
Is there any way to break through the noise?
Was it something that I said that got you bent?
Gotta be that way if you want it
Sanity, literal profanity hit me!

“Spit it out
All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out” (x2)

Maybe it’s the way you gotta spread a lotta rumor fodder
Keepin’ all your little spies and leaving when you realize
Step up, fairy
I guess it’s time to bury your ass with the chrome
Straight to the dome
You heard me right, bitch, I didn’t stutter
And if you know what’s good, just shut up and beg, brother
Backstab – don’t you know who you’re dissin’?
Side swipe,we know the Ass that your kissin’
Bigity-biggidy bitch boy, halfway hauser
Don’t hear shit cuz It keeps gettin’ louder
Come on, and get a face full ‘o tactic
Lipping off hard, going home in a basket
You got no pull, no power, no nothin
Now you start shit?
Well, ain’t that something?
Payoffs don’t protect, and you can hide if you want
But I’ll find you, comin’ up behind you!

Spit it out
All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out (x2)

‘Bout time I set this record straight
All the needlenose punchin’ is making me irate
Sick o’ my bitchin’ fallin’ on deaf ears
Where you gonna be in the next five years?
The crew and all the fools, and all the politix
Get your lips ready, gonna gag, gonna make you sick
You got dick when they passed out that good stuff
Are you sick of me?
Good enough, had enough!

“Fuck me! I’m all out of enemies!” (x7)
“Fuck me! I’m all out of enemas!”

“Spit it out
All you wanna do is drag me down
All I wanna do is stamp you out” (x2)

“Spit!” (x4)
Spit… it out!”

The Conclusion

For all this video was good, the soot was perfect but the connectivity between the lyric and the picture is difficult to understand only show hate and angriness like when the main subject or the vocalist was trying to kill everyone that they hate.


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